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  • Core Drilling
  • Concrete Cutting – Wall Saw
  • Concrete Cutting – Wire Saw
  • Concrete Cutting – Floor Saw
  • Chemical Anchoring
  • Rock Cutting – Wire Saw
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Concrete Scanning

Core Drilling

Coring through Reinforced concrete with a core diameter ranging from Ø 12 mm to Ø 800 mm for various thickness. Vertical coring/ Horizontal coring/ Inclined coring / Overhead Coring.


  • Core drilling on slab/ wall/ columns and beams for MEP without vibrations.
  • Deep holes on big concrete foundations and solid Rocks.
  • Core holes for Manual/ Chemical Anchoring.
  • Stitch Drilling for breaches.

Concrete Cutting – Wall Saw

Cutting in to Reinforced concrete up to 720 mm Thickness. Vertical cutting/ Horizontal cutting /Inclined cutting/ Overhead cutting


  • Cutouts and breaches for doors, windows, ducts and shafts.
  • Cutting of Rectangular chambers for reducing height.
  • Controlled demolition/ renovation of existing structure.

Concrete Cutting – Wire Saw

Cutting in to Reinforced concrete/ Rock of any shape and thickness. Vertical cutting / Horizontal cutting / Overhead cutting


  • Plunge Method for cutting of Reinforced concrete/ Rock with one side access.
  • Cutouts and breaches for doors, windows, ducts and shafts.
  • Cutting and removal of columns/ beams/ foundations of any sizes.
  • Cutting of Circular chambers/ Piles of any diameter.

Concrete Cutting – Floor Saw

Cutting in to Reinforced concrete floor up to 300 mm Thickness.


  • Cutting in to reinforced concrete floor for making Grooves/ Openings.
  • Asphalt cutting.
  • Trench cutting on concrete floors.
  • Cutting for expansion joints.

Chemical Anchoring

We have expertise in chemical anchoring and the service offered by us, is provided using latest methodology and advanced chemicals that guarantees perfection and flawless operations for longer time periods.

Offered by experts, keeping in mind every minute requirement of our clients, the chemical anchor fixing service provided by us has been able to achieve maximum client satisfaction.
Anchoring of Structural Rebar/ Anchors in concrete. Vertical Anchoring / Horizontal Anchoring/ Overhead Anchoring


  • Fixing Anchors/ Structural Rebar on concrete.
  • Anchoring secondary steel structures.
  • Substitution of misplaced/ missing rebar’s or couplers.

Rock Cutting – Wire Saw

Cutting in to Hard Rock of any Dimension. Vertical Cutting / Horizontal cutting.


  • Cutting and Removal of Hard Rocks.
  • Plunge method for cutting of Rock with one side access.

Concrete Demolition

Demolition of any concrete structure with pneumatic and Electric Jackhammer. Breaking out openings for stairs, risers and shafts. Exposing reinforcement in beams, columns, foundations, piles etc.


  • Breaking of concrete for exposing rebar.
  • Breaking of mass concrete for Box out in slabs/foundations.
  • Breaking of concrete pieces for easiness of debris removal from restricted access areas.

Concrete Scanning - Hilti PS1000 X-SCAN

Concrete scanning enables to visualize and mark major structural components like rebars, tendons, utilities.


  • Locating rebars, tendons, metal and plastic conduits, glass-fiber cables,voids in dry concrete structures.
  • Reduce the chances of hitting concealed objects/utilities while drilling.
  • 3D imaging of concrete structures.